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General Guideline

  • ☐ Manuscript must be written according to the research and publication ethics of JKBNS.
  • ☐ First and corresponding authors must be the members of Korean Society of Biological Nursing Science.

Manuscript Preparation

  • ☐ Manuscript is double-space typed with 10.0 point (.hwp) or 12 point type (.doc).
  • ☐ Manuscript consisted of title, English abstract, text, references, tables and figures in separate pages.
  • ☐ Length of manuscript in English is limited to 5,000 words for text only, and limited to 4,000 for text only in Korean.

Title page (submit a separated file from main text)

  • ☐ All author names and affiliations are provided in Korean and English.
  • ☐ A corresponding author and complete address, telephone and e-mail address are provided.
  • ☐ Research support/funding and conflict of interest are noted.

English abstract

  • ☐ English title.
  • ☐ The abstract is not exceed 250 words.
  • ☐ Purpose, Methods, Results, and Conclusion are provided.
  • ☐ English keywords must be MeSH terms in Medline, and the number of keywords should be 5 or less.


  • ☐ The references are written in English.
  • ☐ Check that all references included in the reference list are cited in the text.
  • ☐ All reference style was followed by the instructions for authors.

Tables and Figures

  • ☐ The titles and content of tables and figures should be written in English.
  • ☐ All tables and figures are mentioned in the text and numbered in the order on which they are mentioned.
  • ☐ All abbreviations were described at the bottom of the tables or figures.

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